How the works of Georges Bataille affect my opinions of the site

Having visited the site since reading and evaluating the texts by and based on Georges Bataille it is clear that the texts may relate to the site in several ways. The liminal qualities the site possesses remind me of parts of the text Georges Bataille talks about how architecture is restricted by its very form.

archesLiminality in my mind is a thirdspace or entranceway; it is not a space that you would consider, it encompasses the surrounding areas but does not meet them Smith describes it as ‘a thirdspace in architectural praxis’ (Smith, 2001) the denotes it as a separate space that figures towards a point of ambiguity and a gateway between two different types of architecture.

This makes me think about how Georges Bataille sees architecture to be restricted by its very concept and design; the surrounding buildings are all impressive architecturally and many are listed buildings including the Harris Museum and the old law courts. This will restrict the design I can create due to how the structure will affect how people use the other buildings, including access and shadow. This relates back to how sketch 1Bataille sees architecture he says that prisons are designed for that function and that therefore restricts what the building can be used for like the human body and its organs are restricted to doing their specific job or the body would not function. Looking at the site though I particularly like it as it appears to be removing the distasteful obstructions like the structure that is currently in place on the site and replacing it with something my more aesthetically pleasing and attractive to people entering the vicinity; this reminds me of another section in the introduction to Against Architecture written about Georges Bataille’s work and opinions as in that text by Dennis Hollier it talks in depth about how traditionally slaughterhouses were replaced with museums; how the bad in the world should be replaced with things that entice people to come in, and see, and want to spend time around. I think this applies to the site as there are several important structures in amongst shops which are overlooked and if you were to add another structure to the edge of Market Square to see how it would tie them together and create more of a cultural centre to Preston.


Smith, C. (2001, October). Looking for liminality in architectural space. Retrieved from Limen- journal for theory and practuse of liminal phenomena:


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