The Scottish Parliament

The Scottish parliament building was designed because the people of Scotland held a referendum in 1997 to create the first Scottish parliament building in over 300 years. It was placed on that site in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, after a feasibility study was completed on three different sites. Eric Miralles eventually won the competition for designing the structure. He is a renowned architect who has designed several structures in Barcelona, unfortunately he died a few months after construction began in 2000.

12063981_10206395934555385_1320695021_n12063984_10206395936435432_1362467983_nThe entrance hall has large stone pillars that are designed in different and interesting shapes  which are lit to accentuate their qualities.

The roof of the chamber has wooden struts supporting it, I really like the prominence of the structure supporting the roof. The connecting pieces appear decorative and interesting.

The Scottish parliament can pass only certain laws; these are devolved matters such as education, environment and agriculture. Reserved matters that concern the population at international or national levels cannot be decided at the Scottish parliament so it is then decided at the Westminster parliament.



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