Lancashire Parliament Building; how big?

Research for parliament size

• 650 members of the Westminster houses of parliament
• 129 members of the Scottish parliament
• 84 members of the Lancashire county council
• Lancashire is split into 16 constituencies
• Scottish parliament is 31000m2 in area
• There are 16 MPs from Lancashire constituencies who attend parliament in Westminster

The Lancashire constituencies are:

1. Rosendale and Darwen
2. Burnley
3. West Lancashire
4. Ribble Valley
5. Preston
6. Blackburn
7. Chorley
8. Hyndburn
9. Blackpool South
10. Blackpool North and Cleveleys
11. Fylde
12. Morcambe and Lunesdale
13. Lancaster and Fleetwood
14. Pendle
15. Wyre and Preston North

Therefore the council chamber would hold 84 people from the county council but also with seats for the 16 MPs from Lancashire and then spaces for members of the public to attend. In Scotland there are 3.6 times more constituencies therefore that stands to reason that Lancashire Parliament Building would be 3.6 times smaller.

As the Scottish Parliament has a square meterage of 31000m2 if you were to make it a nicer number and divide it by four that would put the square meterage of the Lancashire parliament building at around 7750m2. This is rather large as the site is only 1000m2 so that would result in multiple floors to accommodate the size.


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