The IKEA Lamp;


Looking at this lamp I particularly like the way it moves; I want to adapt my building to use the shuttering affect this lamp provides. I don’t wish to use it in the spherical way it is used in the light but in a way over the walls/ windows to control the amount of light that accesses the building. This would be more logical on the southern side of the building as that gets the most sun exposure.

To see how the lamp works follow this link:

I would want to use different shapes so that a different affect is made it would have the ability to be set to different positions at different times. Or even a constantly changing skin, so maybe every hour it goes through a full cycle from completely open to fully closed. The lights inside the building would be sensory lights and so would turn on when the room began to get dark unless disabled at night. My intensions for the powering of this system would be to have it powered by a waterwheel on the side of the building attached to visible cogs controlling the rods connected to the shutters.

For more information go to:

Dubai’s Moving Skyscraper;


The world’s first moving building, Dynamic Tower, a skyscraper with 80 independently rotating floors has been constructed in Dubai with another 70-storey structure to be built in Moscow. The power for the building will be supplied by horizontal wind turbines installed between the floors, thus avoiding the visual impact, one of the major drawbacks of the familiar “propellor” turbine.  The blades are designed and constructed of materials to allow for quiet operation – a necessary feature, since they are only meters away from the residents.  The architect, Dr. David Fisher, explained wind is a problem for most skyscrapers, and he decided to make use of it instead.

To see how it works, please click on this link:

Looking at this structure I want to take influence from the economical way it uses the elements to create and aesthetic and interesting structure. Be that using the wind or solar power or use water power through a waterwheel using half the energy produced to pub the water back around the system and the other half to provide power to some aspect of the structure.

For more information go to:

Turning the Place Over- Art Project;


Turning the Place Over is a strange art project in which part of a building was essentially cut out and made to rotate through a series of positions including its original one – a literal deconstruction/reconstruction process to make postmodernists proud. The giant rotator used is a powerful device used in the nuclear industry and the resulting effect is a smooth (though entirely disturbing) view into the building that shifts slowly as the opening twists, morphs and eclipses again in a never-ending sequence.

To see how it works follow this link:

Although this project is really interesting and gives exciting ideas about the possibilities that could be explored if you were to do down this route it also if you look at the mechanics of how it works is not a feasible to consider when designing my building as a large structure is required on the inside to support the moving element.

For more info click on this link:

The Culture Shed;


Culture Shed is an innovative, accessible home for the creative industries in the Hudson Yards district. Sited along the High Line at 30th Street, this unique facility designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro in collaboration with Rockwell Group, will welcome a range of activities by local and international organizations spanning the worlds of visual art, design, media and performance.

This structure has a moving element as it creates an extra exhibition space I wish to maybe incorporate this idea into my design; I am thinking about having a moving wall and floor that encroaches the square and creates an exhibition space that brings the square into the building.

For more information and to see how it works follow the link below:


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