The Shutters

From my research I have been playing around with how the shutters on the outside of my building would work; these are some sketches of the development towards how my shuttering system would work.

Type one:

2This is a rough idea of what I want to achieve using the system the IKEA lamp uses (see precedents post). I found it not to be a suitable way of working as a large amount of framework is required behind the outer shutters so they would be set along way away from the building and therefore would be ugly to look at out of the windows.3

Type two:

This is a slightly more sophisticated sketch of the previous version but it is still not feasible so i also discounted it.

Type Three:

4Here is a much more thought out way of making it work, instead of pushing the shutters out around the window, it pushes them forwards but each different amounts at different times, so the side of the building appears to ripple creating an interesting effect. This means sunlight can get in in between the plates but also there will be a lack of direct sunlight protecting the structure from over exposure .

Type Four:

5This system is the furthest developed system and it expands on the ideas from the third one but uses two extra arms to chage the orientation that the plates can be at so they can face the sun blocking the windows but also they can turn away from the sun to let it through and into the windows.

Furthering this idea I wish to create each plate out of solar panels so that they can be used as shutters to protect the building from sunlight but also harness that light to create energy to run the movement of the plates. Making them a self sufficient system but with the added bonus of energy production as the solar panel will produce more energy than required to run the movement of the panels so other aspects of the building can be run from them also.


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